December 19, 2012

RZA Sued by Singer Thea Van Seijen

Like I’ve said before, you cannot become big without a tail behind you waiting to get their cut out of your fortune.  The Wu-Tang’s RZA is perhaps the most successful member of the group, when you add in all of the effort he’s put into projects that go beyond selling rap music for rap labels.  The RZA style of music has been requested for movies and cartoons, one example being “Afro Samurai”, which was produced by the same people who created anime classics such as “Dragon Ball Z”.  The RZA has also featured himself in more mainstream titles such as “The Man with the Iron Fists” which is set to be a box office hit for Quinton Tarantino and the likes.

RZA’s battles take him beyond that of the fictional silver screen and animated toons – he now has to deal with an artist that he once worked with, who claims that RZA owes her royalties for past work done on various songs.  In total, Thea Van Seijen is looking to collect royalties for over 14 songs that were piece together by her and the rapper.  RZA’s team has already commented that it is merely a ploy to suck money from RZA, even though most of the collaborations never had any commercial success.