December 19, 2012

Steinberg Cubasis Brings Cubase To The iPad

If staunch DJs aren’t taking the iPad platform seriously yet, producers might have to lead the way by showing DJs how well these programs can be ported over.  Cubase is one of the only large scale DAWs that might have a reputable future on a touch screen device.  Porting a DAW over to iOS 6 is not an easy thing to do.  One of the greatest drawbacks of any touchscreen DAW is the workflow, and how it is ultimately organized.  At home, the standard producer might take advantage of huge displays (maybe even from an HD television), or even multiple monitors to have direct access to everything at once.  With an iPad, you have to be more efficient about changing “scenes” to get what you need.

One of the selling points of Cubasis (for iPad) comes down to the ability to route information from one section of the program to another.  This is really the key ingredient if you want to send a sound through a processor, and then on to a mixer or effects panel.  Like Cubase, Cubasis is capable of supporting unlimited audio and MIDI tracks and contains protocols to enable full MIDI support if used with another instrument.