December 19, 2012

Lemur 4 Update

The section of musicians that have distaste for the iPad and iPad apps, do so because they feel it limits them during performances.  Fair enough.  For all of its support and might, the iPad can fail as an interface because it can just be so damned hard to get it to function the way you like.  If you are taking a computer to a live gig, the PC or Mac is preferred because you’re familiar with the interface and have no problems inputting commands to tell it what to do.  Those that use Ableton to activate loops or effects with their live instruments know the difficulty of trying to juggle two hands on their instrument while finding ways to activate a command through Ableton.

This is where Lemur comes into play.

Lemur was created for once specific purpose – live production.  Lemur takes advantage of wireless touch screen control through MIDI or OSC commands.  The beauty is in their interface, which allows almost every aspect of the interface to be changed, even if altered through physics.  Instead of trying to rig up a wireless keyboard on stage, Lemur provides you with both a visual and touchable interface that doesn’t place a barrier between you and the crowd.