December 19, 2012

Free Remix Sets For Traktor Remix Decks

Native Instruments certainly has more to offer to producers and DJs than your standard gear company.  They’ve only been producing mixers for less than a year so far – before they even had a stronghold over the DJ market they were doing what they had known until then, producing software.  Just because they’ve produced some of the most innovate controller solutions for DJs out there, they haven’t ignored those on the production software side of things.  They’ve actually taken it a step further, by trying to blend the transition between producer and DJ, allowing each to take elements from each other.

The Kontrol F1 is one of those gorgeous looking pieces of hardware that is, unfortunately, only good for those using Traktor’s remix decks.  While this a is a blow to Serato DJs, it makes the suggestion that perhaps Traktor should be taken more seriously as a production tool, rather than just a DVS.  Adding a Maschine to the setup alongside the F1 cements the idea of producing through Traktor.  In an effort to sway you even harder, Native Instruments has release a proprietary remix sample pack for those who are already tinkering with their hardware and software.  The samples come complete with grooves and percussion.