December 20, 2012

Unity Audio Boulders

Your average production or DJ monitor speakers are near-field, meaning that they’re typically placed closer to the listener.  The term “bookshelf” seems to be derived from this meaning, or that they’re small enough to fit upon a bookshelf.  Reference speakers also get confused with monitors when referred to as “bookshelf speakers” – actually, monitors can also be used as reference speakers but not always the other way around.  You standard pair of studio monitors do not need to be high powered, and they usually tend to need fewer than 100 watts of power to get the job done.

Once you begin to search for a larger replacement, your power requires may go up a tad.  Unity Audio has created a pair of monitors they call “boulders”, due to their largeness.  These midfield monitors share the same characteristics as their smaller cousins, but focus on recreating different frequencies.  Your standard KRK monitor will faithfully reproduce your mids and highs, while not overly boost any lower frequencies.  The “boulder” uses seven inch bass drivers surrounded by two mid ranger speakers which causes the mid to be a bit more muddled than the highs.  After some careful adjustment, the highs were boost while the mid section was left flat.