December 20, 2012

Free Soundfont Player For Mac, Windows

Both PCs and Macs have a problem that they will never be able to address: file types and file systems.  Both operating systems come with their own proprietary music and media players that lend themselves to be even more incompatible with other operating systems and other programs.  The standard Windows Media Player is something to be abhorred, as is the *.wmv video type that doesn’t play well on Mac computers.  Likewise, the file system that Windows has grown up with FAT32 is compatible with Mac’s file systems, but only up to a certain point.  Thankfully NTFS offers a mutual understanding between the two.

iTune, may be a powerful program compared to Window’s Media Player, but it still shares problems of proprietary files types that make it impossible to move files around or use them on alternate players.  Plogue, has created their own third party solution, by creating a new file type *.SFZ which can run on both Windows and iOS systems.  The program “sforzando” is a small music player that comes with a few basic instruments – but that’s only the icing on the cake.  Their brand new file type is said to be royalty free and can be used across all programs and operating systems without charge.