December 20, 2012

IK Multimedia iRig Keys

When trying to record or somehow interact with instruments using your iPad or iPhone, users run into a familiar problem.  One the standard desktop computer you have a variety of inputs and outputs the can be used within your system.  Most desktops (Windows or Mac) will have your typical 1/8th inch jacks that can be used to feed and return audio from a separate source.  If that weren’t enough, you also have a range of USB connection that can be used in conjunction with an external soundcard to feed audio.  Basically, you have many ways to attack a single problem.

When you remove the audio inputs and external USB ports from the equipment – you’re left with more problems.  One is, “How do I use a USB device with my iPad?” – And the other is, “how can do I deal with multiple lines of audio?”  IK Multimedia has made a business around attacking this sort of problem.  By taking advantage of the 30-pin port on the iPad, they’ve created hardware what will let your plug any instrument in, including microphones and guitars.  Their iRig Keys Mini Keyboard skips the need from 1/8th inch converters and plugs directly into the 30-pin port for direct use.