December 20, 2012

Mixed In Key 5.5

Using key progressions and mixing songs in the correct key is something veteran DJs have long since learned to use.  Before there was even a digital deck to play music on, smart DJs have been figuring out the keys of the vinyl records they spun.  Amateur DJs who are using a DVS get to reap the benefits of harmonic mixing, as most of these programs have some sort of display or search function that can weed out songs in a certain key.  Mixed In Key and RapidEvolution are the two choices you have if you want to find the keys of your music, the latter is a free.

Knowing the keys of your songs is useless unless you know what do with those keys.  Mixing two songs in the same key guarantees that your harmonies won’t clash in any way, and stepping up to the next chord changes the energy of the song.  You have a choice of shifting within the key to your minor or major, but you can also jump from chord to chord as well.  Mixed in Key 5.5 added a little feature to help you picture things without needing to know the Camelot wheel.  It gives numbers to each song to represent their energy level which helps you understand how the harmony effects the transition.