December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays To Every Reader!

Unlike many other toys and tools you can purchase, a brand new DJ setup is no good unless you know how to use it.  There are also many issues to overcome that aren’t present in other types of hobbies.  You need to have musical knowledge of how songs are made and their structures; you also need to have a grasp on music selection.  On the equipment side of things you also have to be technologically inclined – and this means more than knowing how to use a computer.  It means you have to keep up with current updates and understand how your systems work.

It’s a lot to learn and you must be willing to learn.

Online resources that post video tutorials, reviews, and guides make up for the speed at which technology grows.  For every question a single DJ has, there are thousands of people with the same question – and this helps the entire community out.  Digitaldjtips, while not as complex as other review websites, does offer some basic guides that any DJ can make use of.  Subjects like controller guides, and wedding DJ guides can be broad and specific at the same time, catering to all types.  The year 2013 leaves us with much to look forward to.