December 26, 2012

How To Play EDM On Your Guitar

The very idea of EDM or “Electronic Dance Music” implies that it is created without the use of analog instruments.  Anything that can be created in electronic music can be replicated faithfully without the need for physical instruments – and it can usually be done with the help of a computer.  Besides the virtual instruments that producers use to create their sounds, they tend to differ in one area of music creation; and it has to do with how the notes are triggered in their production software.

From the most basic standpoint, a producer could simply use his mouse to key in notes in a DAW, relying on sequencers and onboard instruments to create the desired “sound”.  If this doesn’t offer enough control for the producer, he/she could then employ the use of a controller of some sort, like a MIDI controller or even a MIDI keyboard.  But how about using an analog instrument to produce EDM?  It sounds strange, but this is what one man has achieved using his electric guitar with a Roland GR-55 and special Roland pickups.  Oddly enough, vibrations from a string can be in interpreted just as well as control voltage from a keyboard – and it can create some unique sounds as well.