December 28, 2012

DIY Loudspeakers: Can You Build “Better”

Before floor speakers and loudspeakers advanced to the point where they are today, handymen and hobbyists were creating their own set of loud speakers in the same way we create custom enclosures for subwoofers today.  The difference between today and twenty years ago is that there is a lot more research that goes into designing a speaker box.  It’s the type of research that involves testing and scientific measure of sound and quality, not just size and air space.  There are some top end speakers out there that will cost you the price of a house – and there are people who will pay for them as well.

Don’t let this deter you from the fact that a speaker box can be built at home with a limited set of tools and a smaller budget.  Obviously, MDF is still the material of choice when it comes to boxes – but beyond that the sky is the limit.  There are free programs out there that will help you calculate things such as SPL and cubic air space when determining what you’re looking for in a speaker.  The feeling of creating your own speaker feels good, and this is why hobbyists are still making their own boxes today.