December 28, 2012

Tip of the Day: Recess Your TV Outlets

Cables have changed and morphed over the years to keep up with changes in the technology.  Take our new high definition televisions for example.  Once upon a time, RCA cables were the standard form of “new technology”, and these were considered the best you could get (instead of using coaxial cable box lines).  That had soon become old news and newer innovations like s-video soon beat out our old standbys of composite and component cable.  Now we revel in creation, as HDMI is now the standard for all high definition televisions and computer monitors.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the wall outlet.  Sadly, there have been no innovations in that department and no matter how new the device is we still have to plug it into the wall in the same fashion.  We still have the simple power strips and adapters and we won’t be seeing wireless electricity any time soon.  One good idea that hasn’t been discussed too much is a recessed power outlet.  If using a desk or a stand that sits close to the wall, these can help you prevent accidental marring of the outlet itself.  It isn’t an innovation like the HDMI cable is, but it’s a clever idea that will save you an accident or two.