December 30, 2012

Free Orchestral Strings One Enhanced Version

When producers are looking to make tracks that sound epic, it’s hard to ignore some of the more contemporary instruments, such as stringed classical instruments.  Unlike EDM and music that is created with purely digital based noises, classic music is something that everybody has heard in their lifetimes, and it seems like the violin can induce emotions that other instruments cannot.  There is also the problem of creating the violin sound digitally.  The human ear is a clever tool and is good at differentiating organic sounds and digitally created sounds – in this case, the digital orchestra sound is very hard to disguise.

Regardless, there are plenty of tools out there to help you create epic orchestral pieces when the task is required of you.  Like all production software, some is better than others – and some can literally cost you the price of hiring few classical musicians for a few hours.  Luckily, not everything is expensive, and you can still create useful pieces using inexpensive software.  Sound Magic, who has created Orchestral Strings, is now offering their software at the low-low cost of zero dollars.  It’s free for both Windows and Mac users.  The program contains violins, violas, cellos and basses.