December 30, 2012

Run Windows VST’s In Your Mac DAW

When the debate about Windows and Mac operating systems rears its ugly head again, there is no clear winner.  There are only whiners on each side and the head of whichever monster you choose to obey will not be slayed any time soon.  Truthfully speaking, there are few functions that one OS can do, that another cannot.  The real difference is in performance, or how well Mac runs program x versus program y.  I believe that most modern computer users will at some point, have experience using either OS (not saying that they’ll like it) and will be able to form their own coherent opinions as to why one is better than the other.

For producers using full blown DAWs, the choice to use a Mac or a Windows machine really dictates what type of programs they can use.  Some can only run on windows and some are only ported for the Mac.  But even with each side choosing their respective camps, developers who make plug-ins do their best to keep each side happy.  It used to be that VST plug-ins were Mac only, or windows only – but thanks to Plugwire, Mac users can now run their Windows VST plug-ins on their Mac machines.