December 30, 2012

Samplr, Borderlands & Korg iPolySix On Sonic Touch

I have only one complaint when it comes to demo videos and people showing off their new apps or new hardware.  They talk too damn much.  There’s always this ten minute interlude where they explain how the app actually works before they even touch it – meanwhile anyone trying to listen to the experts explaining have a hard time understanding anything until it is actually shown.  On the plus side, this demo video of Samplr runs about twenty five minutes long so they actually take time to give an in-depth review of the product.

It should be pretty obvious after the review the direction where iPad apps and the iOS is headed.  Basically, they have moved way past the pocket toys we used to play when sitting on the toilet in the bathroom.  Developers are actually investing a good amount of time in these apps, so don’t let the fact that they lack a pretty package and a high cost throw you off.  These are some pretty decent audio players that should not be confused with a one-off production.  Samplr is one a kind, but not in its functionality – it’s the GUI itself that makes it unique and almost futuristic looking.  We expect more apps of this caliber to be introduced within the next year.