December 30, 2012

Grimes Opens Up About Fears

Is it every musician’s aspiration to make it to the top? Or will some artist simply be happy with minor success and a small underground fan base?  Much like an actor or movie star, there is a decent level of popularity that needs to be had in order to be successful.  The odds in this case are not on your favor as only a few out of the millions will ever be known as anything more than a bedroom producer who knows how to use a DAW.  Still, there is a line that is eventually crossed when one does make it slightly up from where they are now, and their hobby becomes more than just an obsession – it becomes a job.

Thanks to social outlets like tumblr and wordpress artist are now able to speak to their fans in a more personal setting.  It goes beyond the simple tweets that are merely lackluster thoughts that the head conjures up once in a while.  Grimes, a local artist who has seen her small time career become a big success has even noted the pitfalls of becoming popular and has even stated that she had to discard most of her life in order to be what she is today.  Was it worth it?