December 30, 2012

Can I DJ Weddings & Bars With The Novation Twitch?

When DJs (who have been doing their thing for years) see a new controller come out that is supposed to take the place of an entire DJ system (tables and a mixer), their reaction isn’t always to scoff at the new product.  That’s not to say there aren’t any stubborn DJs out there, because there are plenty to go around – but some of the older DJs are actually embracing new technology and its usefulness.  The Traktor S4 will never replace traditional turntables for someone who wants to scratch and cut over beats – but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

A turntablist can easily adjust to the jog wheels of a MIDI controller to at least be able to cut in cued points on an incoming track.  The real reason why a DJ who already has a setup, might buy an all-in-one solution has to do with logistics.  It’s much more feasible to bring one piece of gear to a gig, than to haul in your entire setup using a dolly.  If you’re mixing, odds are that you won’t need to mess with scratching very much and these will do you just fine.  If you have the means and the funds, purchasing a MIDI solution isn’t actually a bad idea and makes the act of gigging much easier.