December 30, 2012

Build A DIY MIDI Singing Tesla Coil

Many have heard of Thomas Edison and his famous light bulb, but few have actually heard of the great Tesla, to which we owe our jobs to.  If it wasn’t for pioneers creating ways to harness the power of electricity there would be no DJ spinning records on a turntable, unless that table was somehow powered by steam.  The sad fact is that the Tesla coil was the perfect device to deliver electricity.  It required no DC stations that had to be planted next to each other; instead it delivered power through the air in a shocking display of brilliance.  Today, you will never see a Tesla coil in action, unless it is created for a musician or a magician for a performance.

However, if the mad scientist inside of you is looking to combine a performance with science here’s a kit that will satisfy your needs.  It’s called the MIDI Tesla coil, and it was developed by students at MIT.  It’s a DIY kit that must be put together, but most of the hard work has already been done.  This machine creates lightning bolts in sequence with your MIDI performances (at least it has a function right?).  It costs around $200 and could possibly cost you your life if you aren’t careful.