January 2, 2013

The Story Of The Google Doodle, aka The MiniGoog

For many who use computer on a daily basis, the Google homepage is something that is seen many times a day.  Whether you use Google Chrome or Firefox as your browser – it’s always nice to open a clean Google search page that is devoid of any annoying auto-playing advertisements or applets that take forever to load.  The Google homepage also serves as a good “test page” to see how well your ISP and connection is working.  Google is also unique in more than one way, and the only thing that they change on a monthly basis is their “logo” – which is sometimes themed based on the seasons or for a worthy cause.

Users might have noticed the “Google doodle” and the subsequent contest that called for users to come up with their best sampler using their “doodle” synth.  It was a joint effort that was also bought to you by the folks over at Moog, and was pretty unique in that it allowed users to actively input some of their own information and ideas to the Google guys.  There is actually a story behind this entire effort, as it wasn’t just thought up in one afternoon on a whim.  This short video should explain the important bits.