January 2, 2013

DJ Shadow Shares the “Too Future” Mix

They say that technology is the double edged sword.  For all the good it can bring to us, it can also be used against us or as weapon if we choose.  But does the same logic apply when advances in culture and taste in music are pursued?  By now, you have already heard of the infamous nightclub that booted DJ Shadow off stage, due to his “futuristic” taste in music.  The problems here are many – but a more fundamental question has been created from the outcome, and that is, “What is futuristic music?”  This assumes that music doesn’t advance and that a stagnant set of rules for music creation somehow exists.

This is all too true of any club where DJs have to cater to the lowest common denominator in the crowd.  There is a fat oxymoron that stares you down in the face when you ask a DJ to play a certain style of music.  The DJ, in essence, is supposed to introduce new elements of music to the crowd – yet they are also expected to play the same songs as any other DJ out there.  DJ Shadow’s set that got him booted is now streamed on Soundcloud, so you can judge it for yourself.