January 2, 2013

Korg Turns 50 – What’s Korg’s Best Synthesizer Yet?

What does a British Secret Agent and a Japanese synthesizer company have in common?  They’ve both been around for 50 years.  It’s an odd comparison to make, but the history just lines up this way.  The introduction of the first Korg took place in 1963, right around the same time that the first James Bond Movie was released.  Although the two may have little in common other than their birthdates, there is a similar tune that both of them share: technological advanced.  One of James Bond’s first cars was the Aston Martin DB6, which is in the eyes of many, still the best Bond car ever put to film.  In the same vein, many producers and musicians also have their favorite Korg synthesizer that they feel tops them all.

So what ranks out as the number one contender for top Korg product of them all?  Is it something recent with all of the modern digital workings that allow it to be small?  Or is it something old yet revolutionary like the first true synthesizer by Korg, the MiniKorg? Regardless of what you choose, Korg is showing no signs of slowing down and their horizontal expansion into the music gear industry continues to grow.