January 3, 2013

Minirig Speaker Review & Video

With complete DJ systems shrinking to the size of something that will fit in a backpack, you’d expect other peripherals to shrink down as well – and they have.  That’s not to say that a smaller size lighting devices or a smaller sized speakers are a better option, since they usually suffer from problems that involve performance.  Consider the laptop like a Macbook, and why it costs nearly twice as much as the same desktop PC that will deliver the same amount of performance.  In order to keep the performance output of the laptop high, it must use specialized parts that cost more to produce.  Likewise, you can over clock a desktop PC – but you also have to increase things like cooling and durability.  Try that on a laptop that cannot be physically cooled and you will have an expensive paperweight on your hands.

Small and mini speakers have the unfortunate history of being produced and sold with brilliant marketing schemes.  We’ve all seen those infomercials showing tiny speakers which are reported to be able to produce audio that will fill a small room.  When you finally get them, they are unremarkable.  The Minirig speaker (sold in the UK) is out to change all of that and hopefully provide a decent monitoring solution for those on a tight budget.