January 3, 2013

Grove Audio Intros 16 Step Modular Sequencer

Quite frankly, I grow tired of seeing countless apps being created for the Android or iOS that do the same thing as the next.  It seems like an open source code is being tossed around the internet, with the only real innovation being the interface or the next app to be released.  If you search the app store for sampler, sequencer, or drum machine you will find more apps that you know what to do with.  How could you possible ever know which is the right one for you?

I understand the appeal as well.  They’re cheap and easy to make, not to mention easy to buy.  They can be routed directly through a hand-held device which is only a bit more than the cost of buying a stand alone unit.  Still, it would be nice to have some of these tools in hardware form and the ability to skip the touch screen activation altogether in favor of some knobs and buttons.

Thankfully, development for Eurorack add-ons is still alive, and there are still companies out there willing to produce a physical part that does with an app can do.  Grove Audio is one of the few still creating additions such as the 16 step modular voltage sequencer.