January 3, 2013

The Duo_ Portable Modular Synthesizer

The idea of portability is quickly becoming the new “modular” setup.  Being able to add on pieces and devices to your existing equipment is important – but being able to travel with the equipment is even better.  Why is portability something that needs to be explored?  Think of the connected world we live in today, where you can communicate with another musician who lives thousands of miles away.  It means that even producers, who are confined to their bedrooms or studios, can reach out and touch somebody.  It means that we are more likely to move around and collaborate these days, and equipment is getting to the size where this is a real possibility.

Older computers with vacuum tubes used to fill rooms the size of a small house, and now laptops and long lasting batteries allow them to be moved anywhere.  Why can’t the same be done with synthesizers?  Synths have greater logistical problems to deal with, as their components are larger than your standard digital keyboard – but it only presents as small challenge, not impossibility.  The Duo is an aptly named portable modular synthesizer rig that looks to be about the size of a small suitcase.  It looks promising as a solution to gigging with your synth.