January 3, 2013

Free App, Sound Wand MIDI, Turns Movements Into Music

Being able to control a device (music related or not) using gestures and natural hand movements is something that is already integrated into our living rooms.  The Nintendo Wii is a prime example of using gravity and accelerometers to simulate the swing of a bat using an object the size of a pepper grinder.  Although this seems revolutionary, and it is to some extent, the idea of using a wireless gesture of the hand has been explored before.  The Etherwave theremin was a neat device created for such a purpose.  Using the disruption of a magnetic field an operator could essential create music and control the pitch and tone of a note – and this was build over 40 years ago.

New apps for are beginning to capitalize on this idea, using it as a way to compose music with much more freedom than a mouse or keyboard can offer.  The need for a percussive action such as striking a MIDI pad is completely removed and the gestures of the human hand are physically sensed in the air.  Sound Wand performs exactly as the name suggests, allowing you to physically compose notes by waving a wand around the air.  You might look a little crazy to bystanders but little do they know what you’re actually capable of.