January 3, 2013

5 DJ Resolutions For 2013: Tell Us Yours

We all have our own personal (and somewhat selfish) resolutions that we try to stick to for the New Year.  Whether it’s drinking less, or working out more – our willpower is a weak form of power and these ideas can get easily lost in the madness of our busy lives.  If you’re a DJ there are some easy resolutions we can all agree will help the art progress as a whole.  They are broad enough that anyone can pursue them, yet they don’t involve buying new gear or anything of that sort.

We can all agree that there is too much animosity and separatism in the DJ world.  We judge another DJ by his equipment whether it be turntables, MIDI decks, or an iPad.  We should realize that the medium does not make the DJ, rather, it is the pursuit of the same goals that unite us.  Learning new techniques will help us improve as individuals, yet we should also follow through with our original ideas that get lost out of boredom or insecurity.  Don’t let perfection be the enemy of necessary, as they say.  2013 should be a year to see things through to competition, while embracing others who are also heading down the same path as well.