January 3, 2013

Eliminate Background Noise In Your Home Theater

Many producers and DJ will go through the trouble of locating and securing top-end equipment, only to suffer from noise issues that were never worked out in the first place.  Unfortunately, if you live in a house that is subjected to constant interferences, there isn’t much that can be done other than to minimize electronic interference or soundproof the walls.  If you really want to build a small recording studio at your place of residence – you should start by examining your room and figuring out how bad the damage is.  Even a nice pair of reference speakers will pick up outside noises if not strategically placed and prepared for in advance.

A SPL meter is a good device for detecting the legal limits of the noise you can make in your neighborhood – but it is equally as good for detecting small noises that cannot be heard by the human ear.  Turn off all of the electronics that surround you and even your HVAC system if you get the chance to access it.  Test your amount of audible noise, and then begin to turn your equipment on to see what adds noised to your system.  Sometimes the solution is as simple as removing a device from your room.