January 5, 2013

Cableguys Curve 2

Many of us (who aren’t programmers for a living) do not see the background work that goes into creating a single working music making program.  I am not a programmer myself, but given the complexity of simply using an application – I’m betting that it is not easy to create one.  When an app is finally released on the shelves (or on the internet) – it isn’t a final product that needs no more work.  Users will undoubtedly discover problems with the software, or find something that simply does not seem to flow.  Consequently, developers and program coders are hard at work, even after the app has been released on shelves.

For consumers and musicians this is a welcomed idea, as it means that the software they worked so hard at learning will still be around when revisions are made again.  Any good software worth its weight will have a slew of app developers working hard to make sure it becomes a household name among producers.  Cableguys Curve was one of those unique pieces of software that allowed producers to use subtractive methods to create sounds, on a software interface.  They haven’t given up on the idea and are currently back around for the second version.