January 5, 2013

New Year’s Eve DJing experiences

Although the New Years has already passed, it doesn’t mean we can’t learn a few things about DJing on one of the busiest party nights of the year.  For DJs it represents one of their good seasons, much like the accountant anticipates the busy tax season.  No matter what skill or experience level you find yourself at, there is always a need to have someone who can bring the music and alter the vibe (which shouldn’t be too hard with alcohol in your system).  On the flipside, New Years Eve can be a toxic, rage filled evening for many and it isn’t hard to see why cops are out on patrol that night.  People can act crazy sometimes.

Clubbers who are traditionally weekend warriors know all too well the precautions they must take before entering the club.  They don’t want a few hours of fun to land them in the drunk tank or in court facing a DUI charge – likewise the DJs know who their locals are and already understand how to alter their playlists accordingly.  On New Year’s you might expect some part time or novice clubbers at the scene, making noises in your ear about what song they think you should play next.  Let’s just say, DJing is a fun job, but a tough job at the same time.