January 5, 2013

Focusrite Forte USB Interface

Not every producer or DJ actually uses a DJ’s mixer or a mixing panel to control their audio inputs and outputs, especially when there is a computer involved.  Technology has blessed is with enough peripheral devices, so that we no longer have to put up with the generic “line in” audio jack when trying to record to a computer.  It used to be that the only real option to record quality sound was to buy an expensive soundcard which had to be installed inside the computer.  As good as they were, they were limited to one per computer; meaning you couldn’t take it with you to record on a laptop.

Enter the USB audio interfaces.  These to have been through a small journey, back when USB 1.0 was our only option to stream data.  They have actually improved over the past 5 years and quality has also improved as well.  Focusrite’s Forte USB interface now come in a modern brushed aluminum package with inputs for XLR as well.  It will spend its life between your microphone (and device) and your computer, but also has to ability to portable which is key for musicians that like to gig/jam.   Again, if you aren’t using a mixer and need quality recordings, a USB interface is a reasonable choice.