January 5, 2013

Korg & SoundCloud Announce iPolysix Remix Contest

Sometimes it’s best to take a step back from your audio production work and ask yourself, “What are my goals and why am I doing this?”  Everybody seems to have a different answer as to why they pursue the hobbies they do.  Some are in it for reasons that may seem superficial; they picture themselves being a well known producer down the road – maybe making a living off of what they love.  Others are good at their craft but only see it as a hobby that provides them with a little enjoyment in their busy lives.  Some may even fall in between and are able to make a little money producing for small gigs.

No matter whom you are, it helps to have a goal; a good reason to put all of that effort into your music.

A nice contest with some monetary prizes is good motivation to get you started on your path.  Korg and Soundcloud have teamed up with some decent offerings, hoping to find a skilled producer who can use their iPolySix app the best.  Results are to be posted on Soundcloud, and the winner will receive freebies from the iTunes store as well as a shout-out on the Korg homepage.  It could be the small spark you need to set off your career.