January 7, 2013

Waves Intro Element Synthesizer

A software synth can be a good alternative if you’re willing to deal with pitfalls of using a coded program that runs on a computer.  On one hand, you have to ability to transport your virtual synthesizer anywhere you’d want to go.  No matter how big or small your screen space is, you will always have room to use a program.  You also get the ability to browse through options and settings via a dropdown menu, instead of having to toggle through options using a row of selector switches and buttons.  The flipside, is that software never works perfectly, like a piece of hardware does.

On any operating system, a program is dependent on the computer’s ability to run it well, not necessarily the operator’s.  This means that any virtual synth that has been tested over and over for bugs and errors, may not perform as well on computer A than it does on computer B.  Enter the tech support.  Any good development team needs to have a programmers ready to get their hands dirty in search of the proper fix to a producer’s problem.  Waved Element Synth is touted to be as close to an analog style synthesizer as it gets, but there is a flaw.  The low cost of the software is offset by the high cost of user tech support – it isn’t included in the price.