January 7, 2013

Focusrite Debuts Scarlett Studio Kit

Of all of the instruments available for you to learn to play, there is one factor that will easily offset your decision to pursue it or not, and that is cost.  Every instrument has an endgame; to produce sound in some sort of logical way that sounds pleasurable to the ear.  Without careful training and tons of practice, your instrument will never be anything more than a noisemaker.  Some instruments are easier to pick up than others, and some are simply too loud to be played around the house (drums).  There is one instrument that will literally cost your nothing; but in turn, might be the most difficult to master: singing.

We tend to forget even though everybody has a voice; singing still requires much practice and a good ear to go along with it.  If you’re trying to take your recording and performance to the next level, you will need a recording solution that is better than a computer microphone.  You need a recording interface, along with some decent microphones and headphones to monitor yourself.  Focusrite, makes the Scarlett USB audio interface, but has now packaged it together with a pair of earphones and a studio microphone to boot.  It’s everything you need to get your voice on a track.