January 7, 2013

5 Ways to Make Extra Money As A DJ

You can be a semi-pro (or at least think you are) Baseball player, but the chances of you actually making money off the sport are pretty slim.  I believe every American kid has, at least once in their life, dreamed of being a professional athlete who makes money play a game for thousands of spectators.  It’s one of the few situations in life where something you do for fun is also profitable – but again, the odds of you making it aren’t high.  DJing on the other hand can be profitable in only a few months if you play your cards correctly.

Think about it.  DJing is still a mystery to many people, and it isn’t taught in schools.  Anyone who wants to throw a party knows that they need a DJ to control the music and the crowd, and it is also very specialized skill that few know.

You don’t have to be a pro to make money being a DJ either.  Aside from gigging and throwing events, and DJ can also make money on the side by teaching to those who need the art demystified.  DJs can also have a small hand in production and use their talents with producers to make turntable-minded music.