January 7, 2013

perion Audio Intimus 4T Summit Wireless

Although reference and studio monitors are all the rage in a production or DJ environment, you shouldn’t ignore the value of regular home theatre systems or even low end playback systems.  Let’s be real for a moment here – even though you might have a five thousand dollar audio system, the guy next door may be listening to all of his music from an iPod speaker.  This means that no matter how well you produce a track on your studio monitors, it will never sound the same on a lower end system.  So it’s best to try your music out on multiple audio system, and fine tune things to work well on any system.

Home theatre systems are getting the benefit of technology these days.  Most 5.1 and 7.1 systems are stifled by the amount of wiring that needs to be run around the room.  You want to use you system to its fullest ability, but you also don’t want your living room looking like a backyard computer mainframe with wires strewn about.  Wireless technology and wireless certified audio will help sell these surround systems in the future.  Even a producer who is used to two channel audio may appreciate 3 dimensional panned audio if they ever decide to expand their work beyond just that of dance music.