January 7, 2013

Diego Stocco – Wired For Sound

There is enough equipment available to use, that two DJs and two producers might not have one piece of gear in common.  The same song could basically be produced using a mix of software and hardware, or even no software at all.  A sparse setup is all that is required to being to make music, as long as the producer himself/herself is filled with ideas to help propel them forward.  Nowadays, many producers employ the use of a DAW because it is much easier to record and fix errors using a piece of software, than it is using recorded tracks and tapes – but the similarities can stop there.

After that their musical gear can differ greatly.  Some may prefer to use vintage analog synthesizer keyboards to create their melodies, while some may go with an analog guitar that is distorted enough to sound like something other than a guitar.  Some may keep it purely digital-based and only use a MIDI controller to trigger loaded samples from their computer.  And then there are guys like Diego Stocco who mix sophisticated recording techniques with low fidelity instruments.  In this short video he uses some homemade instruments that shouldn’t even be considered a musical instrument, but is able to turn noise into something listenable.