January 7, 2013

Cops Bust Frank Ocean for Speeding

Musicians and celebrities in the public eye have to learn to deal with their celebrity status.  Nobody ever has a problem being an average Joe who unknown to the world, but celebrities have to learn that their private life is not private any more.  If they simply sneeze in the wrong direction, someone will be on the other side to catch their cold in the wind.  It’s sort of a double edged sword situation where you enjoy the spotlight, but cannot escape it at the same time.  We’ve seen many music celebrities battle the local police departments and paparazzi; sometimes they win and sometimes they don’t.

Frank Ocean has been in the spotlight for reasons other than his ability to sing.  His personal life has been a big subject for people to spar over, which is somewhat sad due to the current state of our culture as a whole.  Recently he was busted by police for a crime that is quite common among Californians, possession of marijuana.  Even worse, the singer had already had a suspended license (for reasons unknown), so it could have easily ended up as a jail sentence.  Luckily, his celebrity status may have got him off the hook this time and the outcome was only the removal of his license ID.