January 9, 2013

Is Cakewalk Sonar X2a On Windows 8 The Future Of DAWs?

I, for one, am still hesitant to switch to a new operating system.  If there are many good things that are supposed to come my way by deleting all of my old settings and switching to a new version – I find them hard to see.  Even if I backup all of my programs and tweaks that make Windows 7 such a good companion, I will have the task of having to learn my way through a new operating system with permanent changes from the old edition.  There simply aren’t enough reasons for me to switch.  Producer, on the other hand, may have many reasons to switch.

I might not see a single ounce of performance increase using Windows 8 to play my games – but those who work with processor heavy DAWs will see some new changes and differences.

For one, having multi-touch ability directly through the OS means that developers are free to make software that is akin to apps on iOS devices.  One of the biggies is a multi-touch DAW that frees you from using the mouse.  Imagine it; you can activate triggers and cue without having to program a MIDI controller to do your bidding.  Cakewalk’s newest version of Sonar, X2a might very well be necessary implementation of Windows 8 features.