January 9, 2013

‘Intelligent Composing Assistant’

Where do we draw the line between human creation and computerized synthesis?  We’ve crossed the digital frontier long ago, but humans were still needed to control digital processes and algorithms at their fingertips.  However, automation and algorithms have gotten to the point where humans are almost unnecessary in the equation, and this is a little scary.  When you head to the supermarket there is bound to be a few automatic clerks, which replace the need for a human to swipe products and collect money.  Could it ever get to the point where the machine actually shops for you and you don’t even need to enter the store?

The great debate about autosync features were one of the first milestones of the automation versus human argument using a DVS.  Now, it has slowly crept over to the DAW and production side.  Programs like Liquid Notes basically do what humans have worked hard to do in the past – create harmonies.  It used to require listening experience as well as knowledge of music theory.  Now it will require none of the traditional thinking skills that producers are used to.  Will this degrade the image of the producer into nothing but the automated clerk at the grocery store?  We will see.