January 9, 2013

5 DJing Predictions For 2013

While digitaldjtips.com doesn’t lay out many technical articles, other than some well put together guides on DJ culture and equipment – they’re opinion articles hit the nail on the head.  Their latest article talks about predictions for the future of DJing, and most of these ideas are fathomable.  One of the most obvious remarks has to do with tablet technology.  DJing on the iPad alone is still risky business – not risky due to the hardware or software, but risky due to the fact that few will take you seriously.  It’s a cultural problem more than anything else.  However, once Native Instruments or Rane jumps on board, every DJ will be cashing in their laptop for a fresh new tablet.

Another great prediction has to do with the way we trigger events using controllers.  Currently, MIDI has advanced to the point where controllers can be created to suit the user, and non-percussive gestures are used to turn things on and off, instead of a button.  If we look ahead to the future, this idea may be exploited to its limits.  Imagine sensors located around your body that allows you to pantomime the act of scratching to spinning a record.  It sounds crazy now, but so did the idea of having virtual turntables 10 years ago.