January 9, 2013

Emotiva XPR-1 Mono-block Reference Power Amplifier Preview

One could argue that the most expensive purchases of a DJ setup or sound system revolve around computers and computer software.  With computers and laptops, you’re limited by its ability to run consistently and without fail, but with any operating system there’s the chance that you things could go wrong for no good reason.  One could also argue that the machines and tools needed to create and control music aren’t nearly as expensive as the cost of speakers and listening devices.  You can easily get away with sub-par quality speakers (like a desktop speaker), and just deal with bad sound – and a speaker won’t have to deal with the ills of an operating system and programming.

However, if you are serious about your sound and need big sound to move your music, then you will need more than a pair of powered speakers.  In fact, you’ll probably need multiple speakers (mids, highs, and subwoofers) to create good sound when your SPL is pushed to the limit.  If you’re using independent devices then you’ll also need independent powered amplifiers; maybe even a rack full of them.  The cost will go up significantly, into the thousands of dollars, but this is necessary if your venue and needs have doubled or tripled.