January 9, 2013

The Frisk Fader

If you’re serious about using a 2-channel mixer as a scratching device then there is one object that seems to be of more concern than anything else on the mixer; the fader.  Someone who doesn’t know much about mixers might think that every cross fader does the same thing (and to some extent they do), but how they perform is another story.  The word cross fader actually comes from the fact that original cross fader did exactly they, they “cross faded” 2 channels, meaning it raised the volume of one deck while lowering the volume of another.

Any mixing DJ who has been mixing for a while understands that having independent control over each track is a better option that resting it all on a single cross fader – and when you throw scratching into the situation, it’s clear to see why cross faders have to option to “cut” instead of “curve”.

If you’re trying to choose between the TTM-57 and the Z2, you’ll realize that both cross faders have the same ability, but use different processes to get there.  So it’s not surprising that cross faders can be marketed themselves, sans mixer.  The Frisk Fader is a one of these cool ideas that separates the mixer from the cross fader.  It’s nothing but a mere toy and still suffers from latency issues using the iPad, but it is still worth a look.