January 9, 2013

The Best Podcasts and Livestreams For DJs

No matter what type of art form you are into, there are two important aspects of creation that need to be exploited.  One of them is obviously the pure original creativity aspect that comes from picking the human brain to discover new ideas.  The other side of the coin involves the passive exploration of new ideas, mainly, watching others who are involved in the same craft to learn something that you didn’t already know.  Pursuing only one option will leave you stuck in a rut or lifeless.

This is apparent in visual artwork as much as it is in music.  An artist needs to be confident about their mechanical drawing skills and how they hold a pen or brush, but they also need to be good at using their eyes – because drawing is as much about seeing as it is about using a tool with a medium.

Likewise, producers and DJs need to a lot of listening to be good at creating music.  Sampling other artists is a way to understand how another artist thinks, or how they go about creating new sounds and tracks.  Podcasts make it simple to keep up with your favorite authors’ (or DJs’) creations without having to search to hard.