January 9, 2013

10 years deep: Old DJ gear that just keeps going

Is there a shelf life on all the gear that is being produced from musicians and DJs?  Every year there are mountains of gear that are being pushed out at breakneck speed and it seems like gear companies don’t really want to test the longevity of their gear as much as they want to sell you a new product.  The idea of planned obsolescence is much more than the boogie man; it is a very real thing.

Apple iPod users once struggled with the fact that their batteries didn’t last long (which is expected), but the problem became a monster once they realized that they couldn’t be replaced and that a new unit needed to be bought.  Since then this issue has been fixed and batteries are replaceable, but concept that something isn’t built to last was reworked into our minds.

How about DJ gear?  Do we still own turntables and CD decks that are alive and kicking?  Or do we sell them off before we even have a chance to see how good they work?  Items aren’t built to break, but they aren’t exactly built to last a long time, and there’s good reason to sell them off before we end up with an expensive paperweight.