January 9, 2013

ION’s Scratch 2 Go – a sucker for iPads

Blending the gap between hardware is a goal that every gear manufacturer is heading towards whether they realize it or not.  Hobbyists and home hackers are the revolutionaries leading the movement, even though they’re the ones who aren’t making any money off of it.  But this is what the community ultimately needs if they ever want a small idea to become something big.  The first part of blending hardware and software has already been achieved; it is sort of the Web 2.0 of DJ gear where a computer and turntables can be used in conjunction with each other.  The problem of needing two separate pieces of gear has shown itself however, and various conflicts between the two still exist.

Tablet technology has played a small part in bridging the gap by changing the way we input information into a DJ setup.  It removes the need for external hardware bits like controllers and keyboard – but it still hasn’t blended the two.  The tablet itself lacks the physical control over decks that DJs like.  Enter the ION Scratch 2 Go, a feeble attempt at adding physical control to a tablet device.  It’s cheap and it isn’t pretty – but it might be what we need for a larger company to take the idea and run with it.