January 11, 2013

New Moog Synthesizer Coming At 2013 NAMM

Should instruments become cheaper as they technologically progress?  Or should the cost of them rise due to the better construction using new materials?  Both of these arguments have some weight behind them, and one can look for progression to head in either direction.  Take a look at how cars are built now and how they were built back in the 1960’s.  Cars today are built more efficiently and with more technology inside of them.  They are also safer and easier to service if something were to go wrong.  However, a car today is a lot more costly and there is a lot more to look after (electronics etc.)  A car used to be built out of stronger materials such as metals, which were eventually replaced by polymers.

So who’s to say that cars weren’t built tougher back then?

When you hear about a new synthesizer being produced with a higher cost to the consumers are you surprised?  Most people would say that the higher costs are associated with better production techniques and better quality materials – but this is not an easy argument to prove.  Moog will undoubtedly unveil some new production at NAMM 2013, but we wonder if they price tag will also be modified in ways that are unappealing.