January 11, 2013

What Does The ‘Table PC’ Mean For Electronic Music?

Perhaps touch screen technology is growing faster than we (users) can keep up with.

When I say “growing”, I literally mean “getting larger”.  The needs for small and tiny devices are usually followed by devices on the opposite end of the spectrum.  We can put to the rest the idea that tablet technology isn’t useful, it is.  The arena of DJing and music production just happens to be a good fit for these types of devices – and it is why there are so many developers pushing new music-based apps for the iPad.  Have we forgotten about our trusty Macbook laptops or our PC desktops?  Do these still fit into our current setups?

While the folks at Apple have been finding ways to shrink the iPad to make it usable for just about any scenario, the PC guys at Lenovo have had a stint to think about ways to bring back the “desktop”.  Following the success of their first large touchpad, they pushed the idea to even further.  They’re introducing an even larger touch based screen pad to become what will be called a “table PC”.  The concept is good; imagine the architect who no longer needs to carry around blueprint, but can access full sized versions of them from a digital device.  Is seems like it would be worth it to a select few.