January 12, 2013

Auria LE 24-Track iPad DAW Now Available For $25

You may or may not be convinced like everyone else that the iOS is still a decent platform to create and record music on but you can be sure of one thing – there are enough apps out there to go around.  The tablet market has opened the doors for cheaper alternatives which end up having two real consequences.  For one, developers know that users aren’t willing to pay the same prices they would for a boxed program sold in stores, like they would for a desktop PC or a Macbook.  Why is that?  Perhaps the users already know that the iPad app can’t possible match the usefulness of a program ported for a standard computer.

The other idea is that app users are less likely to buy one program and stick with it.  In other words, they are less likely to call on one program to do everything, rather, each app is built for a specific task and should not be expected to do much else than the single job it is advertised for.  Aruria, a 24-track digital recording system, was not built to take the place of something like Ableton, but instead offers simple recording and multi-tracking features.  Costs for the intro version have been shot down to only $25.