January 12, 2013

IK Intros iRig Recorder For Android

iPhone users and iOS users in general should have no problem finding a recording app for whatever situation they may find themselves in.  Those who work in industries that require on the spot voice recording like reporters and investigators know the benefits of having a hand held digital recorder like the the Tascam DR-07mkIIThe quality of the recording is not as essential as the actual content of the recording itself, but it still helps to have audio that is clear and precise.  Recording units can also be used in amateur recording situations, like when the need arises to capture a quick thought or musical idea.  Setting up wires and opening programs (although comparatively fast by today’s standards) takes precious time, and can kill inspiration.

Android users have unfortunately been left behind by app developers who understand that the iOS is where most of the activity is at.  Luckily, IK Multimedia is looking to capitalize on all avenues, and has created a nice little recording program for Android users.  Their iRig Recorder app does what an iPhone can do, but adds more features such as export options in various file formats.  For one, it beats having to use the iOS proprietary audio format which some say muddles up their quality.