January 12, 2013

Griffin Intros StudioConnect With Lightning

The iPad, for all of its strengths as a tablet device, still suffers from one inherent weakness:  it can’t stand up on its own.  Designers of the iPad faced a serious dilemma.  On one hand they wanted a handheld device that was free the stands and the traditions of a regular laptop – but they also probably considered the fact that not everybody was cool with the idea of having to hold it in their hands all day long.  What if there are no flat or surfaces to rest the iPad on, and what if the user needed to use his hands for something else?  Who wants to risk dropping the tablet 5 feet to its untimely death?

This leads many users to look for a docking solution, and not just a stand for their iPad, but a dock that also provides other features like the ability to charge the iPad or even add connectors and plugs.  The Alesis IO Studio Dock was one of the better creative ideas where you could have an elevated view of your tablet, with added features.  Griffin has introduced the StudioConnect dock which diverges from the standard square setup; looking quite modern and ergonomic in comparison.